How to Apply for Taiwan Visitor Visa in India

Indians residing in India require a regular visitor’s visa to visit Taiwan. Indians who hold a resident visa or equivalent permit from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Schengen Convention countries, United Kingdom or United States are eligible for a simpler, online application.Taiwan visitor visa for Indians

Those Indians who have applied for visa to any developed country know how strictly (and at times unfairly) our visa applications are scrutinised. Young, unmarried people may find it particularly difficult because of a general fear that they might be going in search of job.

My sincere advice is not to fake any of the documents or your purpose of travel. Consulate officials are often trained to see through you and remember that more the fake applications the more difficult it is for genuine Indians to travel abroad.

Procedure for Taiwan visitor visa application in India

Taiwan currently has two consulates in India, one in New Delhi and the other in Chennai. Documents generally required for application of visitor’s visa are given below. Please note that consulate officials treat applications on a case by case basis, and might ask for further documents depending on your situation.

  1. Passport.
  2. A letter requesting visa, stating the purpose of travel, duration, itinerary etc.
  3. A printed, signed copy of an application form that has been filled up online. The consulate website provides a link to an online application form. Fill this up carefully and submit it. After submitting, the website will provide you a PDF copy of the same. Print this out and sign where specified. You can find the application here.
  4. 2 colour photographs against a white background. One of this needs to be stuck on the application form.
  5. To and fro flight tickets.
  6. Proof of hotel accommodation booking in Taiwan. If you are invited by someone who is already here, then an invitation letter from them, along with copy of their Taiwanese ID (An ARC if it’s a foreigner). If you are visiting for purposes such as conferences or exhibitions, then a letter of invitation for the same.
  7. Financial proof. The consulate officials expect you to show a healthy and steady bank balance, but do not mention a specific amount. In some cases income tax statements of the previous years may also be useful/needed.
  8. If you are working in India, a letter from the employer would be needed. If you are not an adult, a letter from your parents/official guardian permitting the trip would be needed.
  9. Visa fee. For a regular application the fee is Rs 2500. For application in Delhi you need to deposit the amount in Kotak Mahindra Bank account No. 9411166749, in favour of Taipei Economic and Cultural Center. The last time I applied to Chennai consulate, a DD in favour of Taipei Economic and Cultural Center Chennai was required.

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  1. I got everything except the following.

    1) Should I have to take any appointment to remain physically present at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Center to submit the application? If not then how will I get the visa?

    2) Do I have to fillup two form if I am travelling with my wife for Tourist visa for business meeting?

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