I am an Indian living in Taiwan. I came here for two reasons, first the love of my life is Taiwanese, and second, I just love this beautiful island nation.

Leaving India was an eye opener for me, for two reasons. First, I understood that many foreigners, especially in Taiwan, have limited knowledge of India, and often what they think they know is not true. Second, I learned I can’t blame them – there really aren’t enough sources to share information on India.

I do believe the opposite to be true as well. To many Indians, countries like Taiwan remain a mystery. Most Indians don’t get opportunities to travel abroad much, and hence their worldview is limited to the subcontinent.

This blog is meant to be a resource on India for foreigners, and on Taiwan for Indians. I will post information on travel, food, culture and anything and everything that would add value to someone trying to understand India. Similarly, I hope to provide as much information on Taiwan as possible to Indians who wish to come here.

This blog is in English and Chinese. This helps me reach more than half of global population!

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